The Pea Protein Advantage

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The Pea Protein Advantage

Pea protein is an exciting new development in nutritional supplements that is putting up some serious competition to the generic whey protein market. Both in terms of protein content, natural benefits, and environmentally sound practices, pea protein powder and related protein supplements have become a growing niche in the marketplace. In order to take advantage of this emerging potent protein supplement, it is important to understand what it is exactly that constitutes pea protein powder and why it is so beneficial for human consumption.


Amino Acids – Many people take individual daily supplements to get the amino acids any body needs to properly function. The beauty of pea protein powder is that it naturally contains plentiful amino acids. This means that the primary purpose of getting protein is supplemented with the secondary benefit of amino acids.

High Protein Content – Pea supplements have over 25 grams of protein per scoop. What does this mean for you? With more protein per serving you are getting more value for your money. What is more, each serving contains at least 5 BCAAs which means muscle building can be accelerated.

Affordability – It is generally cheaper than many brand name mass market protein supplements. There is no reason to break the bank on nutritional supplements and this all-natural alternative can help you stay on a budget. Using pea based supplements is not only healthier for your body, but for your wallet as well.

Digestion – Sometimes a protein supplement just doesn’t sit well in the body. Every body is unique and it is no surprise that many of the leading brands of artificially adjusted powders often lead to digestive complications. Pea protein is not only natural, but is a REAL food source. It is easy on the digestive system and can even help stabilize it.

Kidney Function – With all of the toxins we throw into our bodies, it is no wonder that kidney problems are becoming more prevalent in our society. Genetically modified, artificial ingredients may seem great on the surface, but quality is just as important as quantity. Peas are whole food source and are full of natural, cleansing goodness on their own. Many bodybuilders even use pea supplements to detox after using other products.

Cholesterol – Higher levels of cholesterol are becoming the norm, but this protein has been proven to lower “bad” cholesterol in numerous studies. One of the beneficial side effects is healthier cholesterol which leads to overall well-being and general healthiness.

Hypoallergenic – Pea protein supplements are gluten free and lactose free which makes it a perfect option for both vegans and those with allergies to many mainstream protein powder ingredients. Pea protein is often found to be the ideal solution for those who have difficulty with the artificial ingredients of many leading supplements.

If this supplement is something you are interested in, try it out for a bit and see for yourself. Most pea powders can be mixed easily with other supplements to find the optimum balance of what works for you and your unique set of needs. The worst that can happen is that you consume an all natural whole food source that does no harm to your body while improving cholesterol and kidney function.

It is extracted in a powder form and can be processed and produced in different ways:

  • As an isolate – through the process of wet fractionation which has the highest protein concentration
  • As a concentrate – through the process of dry fractionation which are lower in protein concentration; and
  • In textured form, which is when it is used in food products as a substitute for other products, such as meat substitution (e.g. a “meat” patty).

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