The Important Benefits of Vegetarianism on Health and Ethics

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 The Important Benefits of Vegetarianism on Health and Ethics

When an Indian visits any Western country, he is amazed to see that almost all foods have meat. Most diets of Chinese, Koreans and Islamic Countries have meat of animals in it. The people in most part of the world cannot visualize a diet having no meat in it. Even though animal right movements are gradually becoming more common and popular in the western world, yet they seem to only seek publicity rather than doing anything for the rights of the animals. Everyday, millions of animals are slaughtered so that one single specie of the Earth i.e. men can enjoy their foods and no animal right group has ever raised a word of protest on the slaughter of such innocent animals.

George Bernard Shaw said about Vegetarianism , “Animals are my friends…and I don’t eat my friends.” Hindus believe that all animals have same soul and that man is just another animal who is at the highest level of evolution. It believes that based on the Karma, man too can be born as animals. Hence they consider killing of animals wrong and unethical as animals have the same right to live in this world as any man.

Albert Einstein in his letter to Hans Muehsam, on August3, 1953 wrote, “I have always eaten animal flesh with a somewhat guilty conscience.” He became vegan and follow Vegetarianism few years before his death and he once wrote,

“So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore.”

The world is gradually discovering the benefits of vegetarian diet and Vegetarianism which provides better health to men than any diet of meat. There are ample evidences today to prove that meat diets are rich in fat and protein which are are not only responsible for obesity but also responsible for cancer, heart stroke and many life threatening diseases. There is no fat in any cereal diet and the proportion of carbohydrate and protein is found in the same proportion as required by the healthy men.

Vegeterianism is important not only for the sake of health but also for the ethical values of man. If a person show no mercy towards the animals and can kill them for no fault of theirs, they would have no problem in killing other human beings also, if that benefits them. The cruelty required for killing man and animal are same. It is, therefore, no surprise that wars are often fought by only such countries where most of their population are meat eating. In vegetarian countries like India, there had never been a major war as the people who cannot kill an animal can never imagine to kill men. In India, the wars had always been fought between Rajputs (the Warrior Caste) who were used to eating meats. It is only because of the diet that was full of animal flesh that they could become ruthless in killing the other human beings.

In times to come, human race is bound to realize the importance of vegan diet not for the benefit of animals but for their own benefit as once men stop killing animals, then the killing of men by men can stop forever.

Life is a mystery which can not be explained either by science or by scriptures. Truth has a body and a soul which we call science and religion. Contrary to popular perception, they are not opposed to each other but complement each other like body and soul. In fact, they can not exist without each other.

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