The Best 7 Reasons You Should Go Vegan.

An Article from Green Titan Health about The Best 7 Reasons You Should Go Vegan.

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The Best 7 Reasons You Should Go Vegan.

It’s a great idea to go vegan for many reasons, including but not limited to compassion for animals. In this article we explore some of the many benefits.

  1. A Vegan Diet is Kind to Animals

The vegan diet is primarily a compassionate diet. It beats lacto-ovo vegetarian by a long way in the extent to which it reduces the animal suffering we cause. This is because in the modern production of both eggs and milk, animals live in unnatural conditions, suffer, and die before their time. It’s worth noting particularly that the male chicks in the production of eggs and the male calves (as well as many of the female calves) in the production of milk are killed as they are not needed.

In the production of any animal product including meat, as well as leather, wool and eiderdown, animals are treated as commodities since the high competitiveness of the market does not reward compassionate treatment. They are usually kept in confined spaces, loaded up with antibiotics, fed unnatural foods that make them sick, cut for various reasons with no painkillers, branded, and so on. All this can be avoided if you go vegan.

  1. A Vegan Sets an Example for Their Friends

Apart from the animals you save directly by taking away your financial support from the practise of killing animals, you will help others go vegan by the simple act of going vegan yourself. Many people are open to the idea of going vegan but are just looking for social support in making the change. By going vegan yourself, you will act as a bastion of support for such people – sometimes with nothing more than your simple presence. For example, it might happen that you make contact with someone briefly and help them understand that sane, healthy people really do go vegan, and that to go vegan is a perfectly normal lifestyle choice. A vegan can help save many more animals than just those he or she eats in the course of his or her lifetime.

  1. When You Go Vegan, You Lose Weight

The easiest way of losing 10 to 20 kilos is to simply go vegan. This may sound incredible, but a lot of extra weight comes from the fat and retained water that the body uses to isolate toxins found in meat! There are no obese animals in nature, and that is because a slim physique is simply a sign of health, something which happens when you eat as close as possible to the diet which your biological makeup is best adapted to.

  1. When You Go Vegan, You Gain More Energy

A lot of people who go vegan report a higher level of energy and vigour. Many athletes, including bodybuilders, attribute a vegan diet to their success.

  1. When You Go Vegan, You Have More Mental Clarity

In terms of improving his mental clarity, famous personal development author Steve Pavlina once compared the transition from meat-eating to veganism to what happens when a chronic beer-drinker goes cold turkey. Many vegans report similar things.

  1. When You Go Vegan, You Have More Well-being and Better Emotions

Many vegans report feeling more tranquil and less aggressive on the vegan diet. Anxiety attacks and anger may be reduced in frequency.

Lastly, this may surprise you but…

  1. When You Go Vegan, You Smell Better!

Vegans have better smelling sweat! Some adherents to the vegan diet find themselves able to give up using deodorant.

As you can see there are a lot of good reasons to go vegan. Veganism is a lifestyle choice that nowadays is accepted as normal by more and more people. Many people don’t feel ready or willing to make the change, but if you have determined that veganism is for you, you may find it very worthwhile.


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