Social Media Addiction – 9 Critical Symptoms to Watch For

A Green Titan Health Articles about Social Media Addiction - 9 Critical Symptoms to Watch For

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Social Media Addiction – 9 Critical Symptoms to Watch For

Has social media taken over your life? Do you communicate more with people around the world instead of your family and friends? There’s nothing wrong with using social media to connect with people or promote your business, but if you’re on your sites 24/7, you could be developing an addiction. This isn’t healthy. There’s more to life than updating your status every 5 minutes. Take a break from social media and go outside. The fresh air will do you good!

Social Media Addiction – Symptoms to Watch For

You get upset if you can’t log on to your social media sites. Do you ‘freak out’ if your sites are down for maintenance? If you do, you could be addicted. Don’t worry; your favorite sites will be working in no time. Use the downtime to do something else like read a book, workout, take a walk, paint, or whatever it is you’d like to do. It will be good for you!

You have to update your status when you wake up. If you have to update your status as soon as you get up, you could be developing an addiction. Your followers will be all right if you don’t update your status early in the morning. Break out of your routine and update your status in the afternoon. Change is good.

Do you dream about updating your status? Do you go to bed dreaming about updating your status? Do you think about updating your status all day? Stop dreaming about your social sites and dream about what you’d like to do with your life.

You stay logged in and comment on every status update. If you stay logged into your social media sites and comment on statuses as soon as they’re posted, you could be addicted. You don’t have to comment on every status update.

Get your news from social media. Many people receive their information from the internet but if you solely depend on social media for news, you could be developing an addiction.

Accept being interrupted by a social media updates. Dinner used to be a time to spend with family and catch up with everyone. Not anymore. If you pay attention to a ‘tweet’ or status update instead of your children, partner, or spouse, you’re developing an addiction.

Update your sites while driving. This is dangerous. If you ‘tweet’ or update other your other social sites, you’re becoming addicted and could cause harm to you and others.

Your self-worth is determined by the amount of followers you have. If you’re upset you only have 500 followers on various sites, you could be developing an addiction You determine your self-worth not social media websites.

You wonder why people ask you about your weekend. If someone asks you, “How was your weekend?” and you think to yourself, “I just updated my statuses, didn’t you read my posts?” This is a sign that you’re becoming addicted.

Limiting the Use of Social Media

A three-week study for limiting social media usage was conducted on 108 female and 35 male undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania.Prior to the study, participants were required to have Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat account on an iPhone device. This study observed the student’s well-being by sending a questionnaire at the start of the experiment, as well as at the end of every week. Students were asked questions about their well-being on the scale of: “social support,” “fear of missing out,” “loneliness,” “anxiety,” “depression,” “self-esteem,” and “autonomy and self-acceptance.” The conclusion of the study revealed that limiting social media usage on a mobile phone to 10 minutes per platform per day had a significant impact on well-being.[ Loneliness and depressive symptoms declined with the group that had limited social media usage. Students with depressive symptoms had a much higher impact with social media restriction if they began with higher levels of depression.

Do any of the above symptoms resonate with you? If they do, you’re becoming addicted to social media. Life’s too short to constantly be ‘hooked up’ to your social websites. Go to the park and enjoy the sunshine. Get together with friends and enjoy a night out on the town without worrying about updating your status. You’re given a limited amount of time on earth — take advantage of every moment. Your followers will understand if you don’t update them every five minutes!


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