Animal and Human Connections

A Green Titan Health Article about Animal and Human Connections

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Animal and Human Connections

We all love our animals. Many people ask me, as a medical intuitive, if their beloved pets make it to heaven. The answer is, “Yes, they do!” Animals are on a different vibratory level than humans, and before you are quick to pass judgment, I must emphasize that they are on a higher, not lower plane! Animals do not contend with ego like humans do. Also, many animals vibrate to the color green which is the color of teaching and unconditional love.

My interpretation of animal energy and animal consciousness is a different process than that for humans, partly because of the ego. The consciousness of cows is different than that of goats; horses different from dogs and cats; and well, cats are cats! I love them all.

Death is as sacred as birth. We humans do not realize that it takes as much energy to die as it does to gestate and be born. Just as we wait for a birth on this side of the veil, there are loved ones (including our animals) waiting for us on the “other side.” During a client reading, I can often see all types of animals-everything from pet birds to elephants–with the people they loved. Many of those pets can be childhood companions that have stayed with us in spirit to guide us and be our companions throughout our adult life.

Recently, I was asked by a woman why her dog, diagnosed with cancer, kept going out to the barn. She was wondering if he was looking for a place to die, and if so, what prompts this behavior pattern. I responded to her that as a matter of energy, animals disappear or try to seek comfort by shifting their surroundings. In a nutshell, it is a form of nesting, finding a place to be grounded, and soaking up energy, in order to return “home.” Instinct allows the animal to seek out a place to let go. In part, it is to spare their humans any pain. Also, nature provides the enormous amount of energy it takes for them to transition to the other side.

Over the past two years, I have had an awesome classroom to learn more about energy connection between animals and humans since my partner, Tom, is a large animal veterinarian. I have had the privilege of going on rounds with “Dr. Tom” and being there when he has had to euthanize beloved companions, including a number of those which no one else seemed to care about. Tom is very supportive of my work and has always been very curious about what happens when animals transition. I am learning that each transition is different. The animals are grateful to Tom for the part he plays in their transition-yes, I said “grateful.” Interestingly, some of those animals, in spirit, find their way to his farm–possibly because it was the one time in their life (through their death) where they experienced true compassion.

I recall one particular incident with Dr. Tom which involved an old draft horse. She was beautiful, but in so much pain she could hardly walk. We led her to the place the owner had made for her to rest and I held the halter while Tom gently talked with her and told her she was going home. In his magic healing way, he told her, “I will take the pain away; it is time for the next step in your journey.” (This, I’m certain, was spoken as much for my comfort and for the owners as it was for the animal!) With that said, he gave her a sedative to relax and assist with the transition. The procedure is always honorable and blessed.

What happens next? Each animal’s transition is different, just as each person’s is different; however, the spirit departs the body in every case. I was privileged to witness the spirit of this old draft horse lift up and take off with the freedom and the joy it had not experienced in quite a while! There was another horse nearby, a young mare that stood on a hill overlooking the scene. The minute the old draft horse transitioned and her spirit took off, so did the mare on the hill! She saw her friend and took off running with her. If you ever watched the movie Michael with Jean Stapleton and John Travolta, the end of that movie is the BEST depiction of death…they dance, dance, dance… Well, guess what? Animals dance, too! Imagine getting out of that restrictive shell of a body, being free of pain AND seeing your friends–ALL at the same time. How magical is that?

Yes, living animals can see the other side and sense what is going on. Cats and dogs are very clairvoyant and clairaudient. Animals are intelligent, emotional beings, and we humans are just now starting to recognize this! One Christmas, Tom and I were called out to a farm to treat a colt that had pneumonia. It was suffering, and beyond traditional medical help. In the barn stood a row of young girls, who had been trying to nurse the suffering animal. Tom went to his truck to get his kit, and suddenly the barn filled up with other animals as they made their way to say goodbye. Even the chickens were there, AND quiet! There were also some other animal spirits, so both sides of the veil were represented. Tom knelt down and took care of the sick colt, while uttering his words of respect. Immediately there was a reverence in that barn that went far beyond that of any cathedral I have ever entered. I felt honored to be a part of that experience.

I am often asked if I can communicate with animals. Once again, the answer is “Yes.” Animal communication works with an entirely different kind of energy. The animals show me pictures, and I can actually feel their responses. Even fish have a consciousness to tap into. It is as if I can put myself in their “paws” for a brief moment. It is more of an energy interpretation for me instead of literal conversation. I have known many intuitives who communicate with animals. Actually, some may be tuning more into the owners than the animals themselves. I am not trying to negate their communication process in any way-just making you aware that it is the BETWEEN relationship (i.e. the connection between the owner and the animal) that most animal communicators pick up on. It is a talent I applaud. The stronger the relationship or bond with the human companion, the stronger the communication occurs. It has nothing to do with the animal’s intelligence level (although I am sure cats will argue that point!).

Assisted transition or euthanasia for animals is not a bad thing, and should not be met with guilt and regret. Guilt and regret would negate the life that has been lived. I asked Dr. Tom how he knows it is the proper time for euthanasia. He told me that he knows when it is time when he looks into their eyes–their window to spirit. That’s also how he knows it is time to provide comfort to the owners. I identify with his explanation because I have had to put down several dogs over the years. Since knowing Tom, I have been around numerous animals–from goats, to calves to colts (including smaller animals: birds, fish, even chickens)-that needed assistance with transitioning.

Human death/transition is more difficult than the transition of animal companions. Our guardian angels will take us out of our bodies to help us avoid suffering, just as they will take away those of our beloved pets. For those of you who may carry the guilt of a beloved companion’s suffering alone, perhaps because of an accident or absence, it is time to release your guilt. Often suffering acts as a teaching moment for someone. I urge you to release the guilt and replace it with gratitude for the life that has lived and been shared.

Animal companions have emotions, but do not contend with an ego. This same ego keeps humans from the flow of death and life thereafter. Although animals possess some degree of fear, it is an instinctual and love-based fear. An animal’s fear is based on a fear of leaving their human companions. Alleviating YOUR pain and YOUR fear of their departure can help alleviate THEIR fear. It is flow. Think of Dr. Tom and his words, when you are faced with making a decision, “I will take the pain away, it is time for the next step in your journey.” Use these words in a comforting and prophetic tone, because they can comfort you as much as your beloved companion.

When we assist our animal companion’s transition with love, comfort, and grace, then the difficult process of releasing them can be better accepted and blessed. There is honor in compassion

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