Dreams – What it Means to Dream

A Green Titan Health Article about Dreams - What it Means to Dream

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Dreams – What it Means to Dream

Dreams, to Dream Dreams

Everyone has a lot of dreams in their life. And these dreams may have given you a lot of questions about what they really are. And since dreams are so important, Baboo should tell you a few things you need to know. First you should know that there are 2 main parts of your mind. You have the conscious part and the subconscious part. I know, you know that but I still have to mention that.

The conscious part of your mind is the part that is basically everything you think of. It’s the part you use while you are awake.

And then there is the subconscious part of your mind which is the part that keeps all of your memories. Actually it does a whole lot more than just that.

When you are asleep, you are using your subconscious part of your mind. Like most computers that are hooked up to the internet, your subconscious is hooked up to the internet as well. Remember Baboo telling you of the invisible spider web? This is the internet that your subconscious uses.

When you are asleep, the software of the computer (your subconscious) does all sorts of things. Many times you move ahead of time just a bit to see what things can happen. Did you ever have a feeling that something has happened before? That is called De ja vu. And it feels like it happened before because you already saw the event while you were sleeping.

Many times the software (your subconscious) wants to give your hardware (conscious) information. It can do this when you are awake, but sometimes you get so busy playing that you do not listen. So, it will create this most amazing dream for you to remember. And when you wake up, you will remember the dream and hopefully understand what you are supposed know.

Let Baboo give you an example. Lets say that one night you dream about losing your school books. In your dream, you leave from school one day with your books and get on a school bus to go home. You get off the bus and go inside your home and have a snack. Your mom comes to you and asks you if you have any homework to do. And you say “yes I do”. You go to get your school books and can not find them. Then you remember that you left the books on the bus. OH NO! HA HA HA HA

If Baboo had this dream, he would be very careful in the next few days that he had his books with him. Because Baboo knows his own dreams and this dream would be a clue that I should listen too.

If Baboo had a dream one night that his teeth were dirty or falling out, Baboo would start brushing his teeth everyday like he is supposed to do!

This is why it is very important to listen to your own dreams. Always try to remember your dreams every night. Many times your dreams have a lot of information that you need to know. This is because your subconscious is looking out across that big spider web and finding out things that you can change.

Now sometimes dreams seem very silly. And sometimes dreams are very scary too. Scary dreams are called nightmares. And I bet you have had these too! If you have a nightmare that a big pumpkin head is chasing you down the street, then after you wake up do not expect a big pumpkin head to chase you! HA HA HA HA. Just because some dreams do tell you to watch out for things, some dreams are just showing you how you have been feeling. Maybe a pumpkin head chasing you might mean that it was close to Halloween and you are afraid of some of that scary stuff? Or maybe the pumpkin head was like a bully at school who had been upsetting you? These kinds of dreams are just showing you how you have been thinking. And then you are supposed to decide if you wish to keep thinking like that.

Maybe you had a dream that you hurt someone? You would never hurt this person on purpose, but still you dreamed that you did. If Baboo had this dream, he would think about this person and see if he could figure out any way that he might have been doing something to this person to hurt their feelings.

Sometimes we do things that upset other people and do not even know that we are doing it. And sometimes a dream will tell us this. Sometimes a dream will tell us that we should not be eating something. If Baboo dreamed that he was eating a big chocolate candy bar, and he looked down and saw that their were little crawly bugs in it, then Baboo would throw up! Then Baboo would think that maybe he should not be eating so much candy.

Your body does so many things all by its self without you even thinking about it, do not be surprised that it can give you information in a dream as well. If you eat too much candy while you are awake and feel sick after you eat it, then this is your body telling you that you should not eat the candy like that. And if you do not pay attention to when your body talks to you when you are awake, then sometimes your subconscious will give you a dream.

Dreams are very Magical indeed! Make sure that you always try to remember them. If you think about your dreams, you will be able to tell the difference between dreams that want to tell you something, and dreams where you look ahead in time just a bit. And when you have nightmares, just remember that these dreams are not going to happen to you, but are usually trying to get a message across to you. If you dream of monsters, what ever kind of monster you dream about, it is usually just something that you are afraid of when you are awake, or the monster can even be something that you are doing that is not good for you. In your dream it seems very scary. That is so you will pay attention and remember the dream.

If you have the same dream more than once then this is a very special dream. You can be sure that your subconscious wants to tell you something important. So write the whole dream down, and think about it. Try to figure out what it means.

When a dream wants to give you information, many times it is telling a story. And you have to figure out what the story is. Let Baboo give you an example.

Let’s say that I am 12 years old and I love to play baseball. This is my first year playing, and I am not very good at it just yet. Sometimes I get confused and throw the ball to the wrong person. I was even on base one time and ran to the other base at the wrong time. I just get so excited that I forget what I’m supposed to do. Then I feel bad because I did not play as good as I wanted too.

So, one night I have a dream. I am walking down the street, and I hear crowds of people cheering. I wonder where this is coming from? I think it is coming from down the street. I keep walking and I come to a tall wooden fence. And the noise of the crowd gets much louder. I wonder what is going on behind the fence. The cheer of the crowd gets me very excited.

I see a small hole in the fence. I place my eyeball in the hole and I see a baseball game going on. It is a major league baseball game! (Which is strange since it is just my hometown street and an empty lot). I feel very excited to see this. But I can not see the game very well. I can only see one or two people at a time depending on how I move my eye around. I see the batter, but when he hits the ball I can not tell where it goes. I have to move my eye all around until I see someone with the ball.

Oh! This is frustrating. I wish I could see the whole game! I really want to see this game! I look around and there is trash can. I think if I can stand on the trash can I can see the whole game over the top of the fence! I jump on top of the trash can and I can just see over the top. WOW!! Now I can see the whole game. Then I also had the feeling that I was much more aware of what was going on. I understood how the whole game worked now. I saw what was happening and I could even guess what would happen next. I watched the game for a long time, and the next thing I remember was I woke up. I felt very good, because this was a great dream. Then I thought “I wish I could play baseball like those guys!”

Now this was a very special dream! Can you figure out what it meant? Let Baboo help you.

To figure out a dream, you first figure out the main topics.

What were the main topics of this dream?

1) Me 2) Baseball 3) The fence 4) Trash can

So after seeing the main topics, I know the dream was about me and baseball. I wonder what the fence and trash can were all about? Well the trash can helped me look over the fence didn’t it? What was the difference before I looked over the fence and after I looked over the fence ?


Instead of just looking at one small point, I had a better understanding of how the whole game was being played. I could pay attention to ALL the players instead of just one or two. This was the main point of the dream!

So, how does this information help me now? It helps me because now I know that I was playing baseball thinking of only what I was doing. I was only focusing on me and what I was doing. Like my vision was too small as when I was looking though the hole in the fence. The main point of the dream was I COULD SEE THE WHOLE GAME BETTER.

So now I know that the message of the dream was for me to pay attention to the WHOLE GAME. To pay attention to what everyone was doing and to guess what would happen next. If I can do that, then I will not make so many mistakes!

Before, I was thinking about me so hard, that I did not really understand the whole game. But now I know that I have to pay attention to the whole game. And this was a very special dream.

So when you try to understand your own dreams, this is all you do.

  1. A) Write down the main topics.
  2. B) Figure out what the main topics mean.

1) Me – Well that meant me of course!

2) Baseball -In this case it meant Baseball. It could have meant something fun to do, or large crowds of people. But since Baseball was a big part of my life, it must mean Baseball.

3) Fence – This was an obstacle.

4) Trash can- I stood on it, so it was something that helped me see better.

  1. C) After you have done this, all you have to do is think about it and figure out what the main point was.

And remember this – Dreams show you information in a story. This dream was like a story, and it had a lot of meaning. The meaning of the dream really had nothing to do with a fence or a hole in a fence. But it was a story to show me that I needed to have more awareness of the whole game.

And if Baboo takes a few minutes to try and understand his dream, then he can do something good for Baboo!

Sometimes you can have a scary dream with some kind of monster that makes you want to run and jump in the bed with your parents. HA HA HA HA. But do not worry, there are no monsters anywhere. Sometimes a monster in a dream is just showing you that you have fear about something. And the fear takes on the shape of the monster so that you feel fear in the dream. There are very special dreams called “lucid dreams”. In these dreams you wake up inside the dream. When you wake up in the dream you are aware of everything just like when you are awake. These are very cool dreams, really fun.

If you never had a lucid dream you can practice to have one. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask yourself several times a day if you are awake now or dreaming? Maybe every time you get a drink of water ask yourself that? If you do something a lot in your dreams then make sure you ask yourself when you are awake if you are awake or dreaming.

The secret here is that when you do this for awhile, you will do it in your dreams too. When you ask yourself if you are dreaming when you are in a dream, you will figure out you are dreaming. Then, you wake up inside your dream. Then you have all the fun you want to have. Since you are dreaming, you can fly or do anything that you can think of.

What if you have a nightmare that keeps bothering you over and over? Well stop being afraid of it. It’s just a story in your mind. Write the dream down like Baboo showed you and just figure out what it could mean. Once you do that, the dream should go away.

If it doesn’t go away, you can always do this too. Remember it is a dream, and you are always safe in a dream. Plus, in a dream you can do anything you want to do. You can make a special sword, gun or Magic wand. If you have a nasty monster chasing you, remember you are dreaming! Make what ever you need to make to make that guy run away. Actually you could just punch him in the head with your bionic fist?

Or, you could tell the monster that you know he just wants a friend and you will be his friend if he stops trying to scare you. It’s your dream! You can change it just like you created it.

You know when you were a little kid you used to pretend all the time. You made up all kinds of crazy things that you pretended were real. In your dreams you can still do this. Dreams should be a big part of what you do. Spend some time with your dreams.


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