We’re living and working longer, and more of us are becoming interested in making better decisions about how we’re going to stay healthy with our Supreme Vegan supplements and Superfoods. That’s the journey we’re on at Green Titan. We’re friends and partners, parents caring for our own parents, entrepreneurs motivated by more than money, people with full lives that we want to enjoy for many years to come.

The people we are now look back on earlier choices, and wince. That’s fine. Life is about learning, and we’ve been putting time into adding to what we already knew about fitness and wellbeing through our professional experience of gyms, nutrition, and more. In the course of attaining a work/life balance that’s probably impossible we’ve worked and played too hard at times, with consequences for body, mind, and soul – and we’ve found ways to bounce back.

Green Titan is what we want to share with you. It’s a way to offer what we know gets results, from people who’ve got their feet on the ground and are part of communities where everyday life can be a struggle week to week. That’s how it is for a lot of us, and what counts is the things that work.

If you’re going to spend some of your money on enhancing life, we want you to be confident you’ll have the same positive experience that we’ve had as we’ve done our research about what’s best. Our products are natural and plant based. Among ourselves, and the people we know, we’ve come across good and bad plant based experiences. So we investigated. What we’ve come up with is a range made with the purest and surest certified superfood supplements formulated for a variety of needs and made to the highest standards.

In time we will offer further products, and we welcome your thoughts about where else plant based nutrition might be useful, in your life or for someone you know. Green Titan is more than a business. We’re a community in its early stages, and we want to grow with you, sharing the lessons we’ve learned, and will keep learning.

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